News 2014


We had an absolute brilliant day with three of the D-puppies visiting. Dinwiddy "Ture" came for his first haircut since moving, which was absolutely fine by him. Daisy Day also had her hair done for Christmas, she is such a fun little girl. Still needs a lot of time to grow but I love her energy. Darcy "Aatu" also joined the gang. Mum Ulla had to reinstall order every now and then. Of course Finn and Babe also loved the company of other playful dogs. 


We took part in the Helsinki Winner show. The most pointless title there is, it is only an ordinary international show, but I chose the HeW show instead of the Finnish Winner show on the basis of judge. Judge was Jeff Horswell, UK and the girls did great.

Watermark Wolverine "Ulla" EXC/4 in open class with an absolutely lovely critique. Beaters Babe got an EXC/3 in working class, also with a decent critique.

I also picked four alive pheasants up on the way home. The plan is to set them out in the field for the girls so they can have some fun before winter as the natural birds have been very scarce this autumn. The problem is that they are very neat and I like them too much. We'll see what happens. So far the weather hasn't been good enough anyway, either rainy or windy.

Baby Finn is doing super. I can't believe how fast he is learning. He is an absolutely brilliant boy and I can't wait for him to grow up a bit so I can take him to all kinds of activities. :) So far there is nothing I don't like about him.



We took Ulla and the red team to the Seinäjoki all breeds show.

Ulla received a VG/3 and I could see why noone else bothered taking their b/w dogs. 

In Norfolk terriers sweet Hjördis was BOB. She was followed by her daughter Hildur, who showed super flair today and gained her first CAC being placed 2nd best bitch. Beautiful sister Hedwig got an EXC/2.  Hjalle was BOS and handsome boy Hemming got an EXC/1. What a gorgeous team! Congratulations to Hildur's owners Laura and Jukka and well done to Hedwig's owner Pirkko and Hemming's owner Raili.


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" joined our big family. He is part show bred springer and part working springer. Hoping we can enjoy field trials in the future. A family addition wasn't really planned just now, but at least he can learn from Ukko how to be a gentleman, always smart and steady.


Babe's hip score is B/B. Very happy that she can continue doing what she loves the most - working hard. :)


Watermark Dupont "Napsu" is a very clever boy. Not quite six months old he has already flushed his first bird. His owner tells me he did a brilliant job. :)


Happy and relieved to announce that the brady bunch of nine have all found excellent homes. :) All are more or less hunting homes.

Antonia took Wille and Babe to another show, this time in Malax. Wille got a VG/1 today due to the same reasons he got the same result yesterday. Babe was Best Of Breed and received her second CAC! Judge was ESS specialist Annika Ulltweit-Moe, Sweden.


Antonia took Wille and Babe to the Kalajoki group show, judge Jouko Leiviskä. Wille just wasn't feeling it today. His mojo wasn't there. The boy would have received his first CAC had he only shown a little show mood! What a shame. His lovely critique still warms. This judge liked Babe as a puppy and he still likes her now, Babe beat some very successful ladies as she was placed 2nd best bitch with res-CAC!

Norfolk terrier Hjalle was at the Malax group show. The boy went Best Of Breed and received his crowning CAC! Judge Leni Finne.


Babe and Wille went to the Vaasa INT show with Antonia. Wille VG/2 and Babe EXC/2.


Easter eggs turned into easter chicks. Nine of them, seven boys and two girls, the entire colour scale. :)


It is Babe's second birthday. :)


Ulla had an ultrasound examination, which revealed a set of babies in her belly. :)


Aatu and Ulla had a hot date. Ulla accepted her fiancé straight away and very much liked him. Now all we have to do is wait for babies. :) FI WCH TCH SCH Quadmir's Divine Khepri is a true dual purpose springer with a lovely temperament and steady character. Can't wait. :).