NEWS 2016


Sweet boy Watermark Dandelion "Hugo" trimmed and photographed at the age of 2 years 7 months.


The puppies had their first standyup photos taken. We have to practice some more though :)

Fanni or Fergie is staying in the team (being sold on breeder's terms and co-owned).


Mum took two Norfolk terriers to the Seinäjoki INT show.

FI CH Hilding got a VG/1. He needs to coat up more to look his best.

Mum's little star, C.I.B NORD CH FI CH SE CH NO CH Mainly Apple Poppet "Hjördis" made a fab return into the show ring by going Best Of Breed by breed specialist judge Kari Salminen with a super critique. :)


Finn's and Babe's puppies are here. :)

We have two boys, one b/w and one l/w, and four girls, three b/w and one l/w.

Mum and babies are doing well, mum is healthy and so are the babies.

Inquiries are welcome e.g. by e-mail to

Only sold to active and cooperative homes, preferably where they are worked and an occasional show every now and then isn't excluded. The dog will live in the house as a pet and beloved family member.

They will be registered in the FKC, dewormed, microchipped and inspected by a veterinarian.


We have a new champion!

Norfolk terrier Hilding (CH Mainly Jasper Willow - CH Mainly Apple Poppet) was at the two day group show in Liminka (Oulu) and on both days he went best of breed with CAC. Which means that on the second day he became Finnish champion. Congratulations to owners Tarja & Mikko and to the breeder, my mum! :)


Sweetie-pie Soulmate was awarded an open class 3rd prize at the field trial in Suodenniemi. On both days he caught the badly flying pheasants in the air and retrieved them alive to hand. Oh well, at least he had a ball and mummy is happy he received something. :) Actually on the saturday he was only three points away from a 2nd prize. :) Handler was Johnny Majabacka.


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" 24 months.


We're expecting puppies!

FI CH Beaters Babe was mated to Sweetie-pie Soulmate and we're hoping for babies in late october. :)

This litter is interesting, to say the least. Babe is an import from England, a classy show bred girl. Babe is beautiful, healthy and a fairly good gundog. She is witty and quirky and lots of fun. Finn is a 60/40 mix of show bred and working lines. Finn is also healthy and a very talented gundog. He is honest and confident and takes his job very seriously. Both are brilliant home and family dogs too.

Can't wait!


Two stars from the D-litter entered a working test for spaniels.

W. Dalwhinnie "Daddy" did not pass since he isn't independent enough, but regarding his background he just needs a bit more training and some exciting experiences in the field to make searching interesting. All other aspects of the test (tracking, swimming, retrieving) were praised along the brilliant cooperation of the pair.

W. Dupond "Bonzo" was a star and even his superb tail action was particularly mentioned in the critique. He passed the working test with flying colours. So now five boys out of the D-litter have passed their working tests. I am very happy and proud. :)


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" eyes CLEAR and gonioscopy CLEAR.


My big hunter's birthday.

Happy Birthday to my superb Finn. Love him to bits. :)


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" looking smart standing free. :)


Kurikka group show, judge Pekka Teini, Finland.

W. Domino goes 3rd best dog with res-CAC. Such a brilliant boy. He will not be shown for a couple of months now that he is in for gundog duties.

CH Beaters Babe went 4th best bitch.


New photo of a sweet and increasingly handsome W. Dupond "Bonzo". Photo: A-H Ståhl.


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" PRA cord1 CLEAR. :)


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" hips A/A. So very happy! :)


Ukko and Finn did some splendid modelling last autumn. Please look through the Erätukku catalogue to see some of the photos taken. :)


Kokkola INT show

Norfolk boy Hilding (Multi-Ch Mainly Jasper Willow - Multi-Ch Mainly Apple Poppet) went 3rd best male with res-CAC. Judge Laura Cox, Ireland.

ESS-boy W. Dalwhinnie got an EXC/2nd in open class, judge Tarmo Viirtelä.


Watermark Dalwhinnie "Daddy" visited for a haircut. He is such a handsome and sweet boy. And he is mad about pheasants. :)


Gällivare INT show, Sweden, judge Ligita Zake.

Norfolk terrier FI CH NO CH Mainly Jasper Willow "Hjalle" goes Best of Opposite Sex and takes the CACIB and CAC.

In other words he has now conquered three new titles, C.I.B, Swedish champion and Nordic champion. :) Congratulations to mum and breeder Mari Taipale. :)


Lovely new photo of Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn", aged almost 23 months. :)


My very very dear W-litter turns 7 years old today. Where has time flown? They are all truly gorg dogs. :)

Ulla sends birthday greetings to Wille and Ines. :)


Finnish springer spaniel club main club show, Sastamala, judge Justyna Kaminska, Poland.

Actually part working part show bred Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" beat a show bred dog, went 3rd in working class and was also chosen for the best movements competition. I'm telling you that this absolutely felt like winning. My rocket boy was super as usual. :)

I leased W. Dinwiddy "Ture" for the show and this was our first time together in the ring. The boy was fab as always, wasn't placed in tourist class but at least he made a merry appearance showing his true springer character. Very happy with him too. He was also an absolute sweetheart with my dogs and during the whole trip. :)


Sad news as W. Velocette "Etta" has crossed the rainbow bridge aged 11. She will be kept in warm memory, such a sweet girl and enormously loved and missed by her owner Leila. Run free Etta, and we will meet again.


W. Dahlia got a VG/2nd again, she is holding a consistent line. Well done to my sweetie and her owners. :)


What a fab day out for my mum and her Norfolk kids.

Hilding "Vili" went Best Of Breed and took his first CAC. He was expertly handled by our friend Maija.

Hildur went Best of Opposite Sex and received her crowning CAC, so we now have a new Finnish champion!

Hemming got a splendid critique too, but due to a slightly uneven bite a G for him today.

Congratulations to the owners Tarja and Laura! :)

Watermark Dahlia got a VG/1st at the Mynämäki all breeds show. Well done. :)


Reisjärvi group show, judge Harry Tast.

What a disappointing show day. W. Domino got a VG/2nd, lack of ring routine just messed his movement up. W. Starbuck couldn't be judged, because of what the judge thought was a limp. Beaters Babe got a truly very weird and totally unexpected VG/1st, and the judge thought she should be higher on leg. Some things in this world are just too hard to understand... She showed her socks off for me today though, and in fabulous condition.


At last some really happy news!

Kruunupyy group show, judge Jouko Leiviskä.

W. Wolverine "Ulla" goes Best Of Breed with her second CAC! Very happy :)

Ulla showed divinely for me today and was praised for her movements and her charisma. The turnout for this show was very small, but the result still makes me happy since even an EXC was no obvious thing from this picky judge and Ulla wasn't in best of coats.


Mum and I took the Norfolks to the Tampere INT show.

Hemming VG/4 and Hildur EXC/3.

I didn't show Babe and Finn because of a change of judge that didn't please me.


I visited W. Dahlia "Dana" and gave her show haircut some finishing touches. I love this girl. :)


I took good old W. Starbuck "Ukko" to a tracking trial. Of course the old and clever dog knows that is is an artificial track and no wounded elk has been walking around, so he didn't take it quite seriously. He still tracked to a 3rd price in open class even though he didn't want to do it properly. Bless him, he is still so like himself. I really should have changed dog right before setting off, but I thought that I have all the time in the world with Finn.


The Duudz are 2 years old today. Congratulations Dana, Deisi, Domino, Daddy, Aatu, Bonzo, Napsu, Hugo and Ture!


Vaasa INT show

Norfolks were in first. Hemming EXC/3, Hilding EXC/2 and Hildur EXC/1.

Five of my gorgeous Duudz were entered. Dupond, Dandelion and Darcy got a VG. Domino got a lovely EXC/4 at his first show ever, and Dalwhinnie, now living in his new home, has improved massively and got a very nice EXC/3.


FI CH Watermark Starbuck celebrates his 13th birthday today. Still going strong!


W. Dinwiddy "Ture" visited for a trim. This boy is such a sweetheart and a sucker for cuddles. :)


Visited W. Daisy Day and gave her a haircut and nail trimming. :)


Happy Birthday to Her Rosyness Babe! :)


FI CH Watermark Starbuck is show dog of the year 2015 in my local spaniel club. :)


They saved the best for last - Watermark Domino hip score A/A! 

At last, W. Dandelion "Hugo" hip score B/B. :)

Brilliant news. The results of two brothers have arrived and they both have healthy hips.

Watermark Darcy hip score B/B.
Watermark Dupond hip score B/B. 

We await the hip scores of Dandelion and Domino.

Almost ready to announce puppy plans.... :)

W. Darcy "Aatu" and Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" entered the Raahe group show, judge Paavo Mattila. 

Aatu got a VG/2nd in intermediate class, so a tad better than the last time this judge saw him! This time I was handling Aatu. He even got praise for being the best mover in the class. You would think movement counts for something in a working breed though.

Finn went to get his mandatory G and so he did, he was looking very handsome today and showing very well in working class. :)

W. Darcy

Sweetie-pie Soulmate

17 months


Rocket boy Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" had his hair done for his first show in working class. A long period of eating well has resulted in his show bred background starting to show. We're going for a G, and I can't wait to spend a day out with my hunter. :)

Lovely health news. 

FI CH Watermark Starbuck - eyes CLEAR.
FI CH Beaters Babe - eyer CLEAR, gonioscopy CLEAR.
Watermark Darcy - eyes CLEAR, gonioscopy CLEAR.

Hip x-ray awaits four D-boys very soon - the tension will be killing me!

Puppy plans will be revealed after that!

1 year 8 months. Photo: G. Norrgård.


W. Domino had his hair done today. Again a lovely boy from the D-litter, can't wait for him to mature. He is a strong, merry and forward dog with a very manly and boisterous character. And of course a super helper in the sea duck hunt.

1 year 8 months. Photo: P. Finne.


W. Dandelion "Hugo" had his hair done, unfortunately photos taken inside during this dark time of the year don't do the dogs justice. Nevertheless he seems to have improved in front and as usual he is the sweetest boy ever. :)