News 2015


So happy to announce that Daddy has found a lovely new home. :)


One of the Duudz, W. Dalwhinnie, is looking for a new home. He is a lovely lad and I hope he will find a home close to where I live. 



The super youngsters Ellen & W. Dandelion "Hugo" have been out and about again making me a proud breeder. They entered a match show and after they won the kid&dog cuteness competition, they went 4th in the class for large dogs. So happy for Ellen. :)

Babe and I went to the Seinäjoki INT show and yet a disappointing day. Judge Monika Blaha, Austria. Babe's result was EXC/4 in champion class.

Norfolk kiddo Hildur had a fab day though, despite being in slightly overgrown coat. She was Best of Opposite Sex receiving her third CAC and first CACIB! Her brother Hemming did very well too, raceiving an EXC and a 1st with a brilliant critique, no CQ though due to a slightly imperfect bite. Hildur has a fab statistic, as she has received a CAC at three out of the four shows she has been to. :)


A year has passed today from when I brought this brilliant boy home from kennel Sweetie-pie. He truly is my wonder man and he is probably the best birthday present I have ever been given from myself or anyone. :)


Babe and I drove all the way to Tuulos to see one of Babe's breeders, Fran Glendinning, at the spaniel club show. Very happy I went all the way there, lovely seeing her. :)

While I was on the road with my kids, young W. Dandelion "Hugo" flushed his first deer. How fantastic that this super sweet boy gets to work. This time he was out with mistress Pia's dad, so he will obviously work happily for anyone. I would be over the moon about a versatile dog like Hugo, so I think his family is too. :)


A couple of handsome Duudz at the age of 17 months. :)

W. Dandelion "Hugo"

W. Dalwhinnie "Daddy"

Photo: T. West


Mum and I took a trip to Sundsvall in Sweden. What a disappointing trip and again a disappointing Swedish judge. 

Norfolk terrier FI CH NO CH Mainly Jasper Willow got a VG. The poor boy was sick from the deworming tablet he had been given almost by force by the young vet at the show. 

FI CH Beaters Babe was left with no CQ by a Swedish judge, again. Well, she was looking a million dollars, as you can see. :) Noone will ever be more beautiful than my English princess. 


The boy with rocket fuel, my wonder man, Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" will be 14 months old next week. :) Love him to bits.


W. Darcy "Aatu" spent a day in day care at granny's. :)


Hugo sends his greetings from the seaside. Another brilliant boy out of the D litter. Very proud. :)

Photo: T. West


W. Dandelion "Hugo" truly is the complete family dog and a great example of the breed's versatility. He goes running with mum, hunting with dad and BEST IN SHOW 2 at a charity match show held in Vaasa with one of the girls! In the child&dog cuteness competition Ellen & Hugo were placed second. I am so proud of these two. :)



At last Finn's first one. A duck shot in a deep ditch, and he never even saw the bird. Thanks to this guy's fantastic inborn gun sense the boy knew exactly that he should look for something, and also in which direction he should look. :)


The duck hunt started in Finland 20.8. W. Domino has been a very good boy. :) 

Photos: G. Norrgård


Extremely happy to have received some lovely photos of an absolutely gorgeous girl, W. Dahlia. She has discovered the joys of swimming. :)

She reminds me so much of her grandmother Tootsie. <3


Seinäjoki group show, judge Paavo Mattila.

FI CH Watermark Starbuck goes BOS-veteran and is still respectably awarded a CQ at the age of 12 years and 4 months. This judge has always liked him and couldn't stop praising him today, but the old boy had made his mind up. It is now final that this was his last appearance. He may appear at the annual breed club show, he may not. He decides. 

Youngsters did well too, W. Dupond got a really nice VG/4th. A bit surprised to see this judge give W. Darcy a G, but that is the nature of this hobby. 

W. Wolverine got a lovely EXC/2nd with CQ.


                                                Happy Birthday Finn, my wonder man <3


Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" and I had a go at the water retrieval test, that qualifies a spaniel for field trials.

"Piece of cake!!" said Finn and he is thus the third member of this Sweetie-pie litter to have passed both the working test and the water retrieval test under the age of one year. Very happy :)

We attended the working test in Kruunupyy, judge was Olavi Nurmiranta.
There was actually just one dog that wasn't a W-team member :)

I was so incredibly proud when I found out that W. Darcy "Aatu", W. Domino "Domino", W. Dinwiddy "Ture" and W. Dandelion "Hugo" had all passed the working test for spaniels. Of course my own beloved Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" passed it too. :)

A BIG THANK YOU to my fantastic puppy owners!


Kurikka group show, judge Markku Kipinä.

Norfolk kiddo Hildur went Best Of Breed and received her second CAC. :)

We participated in a match show held in Pietarsaari. Finn, Ture, Ulla and Domino.

Domino and Ulla did very well :)



W. Domino got a haircut. Handsome boy. :)


Super sweet W. Dinwiddy "Ture" stopped by for a trim. :)


Dear W. Dalwhinnie "Daddy" came to stay for a few days. :)


Judging a match show in Seinäjoki, and several of the D-kids show up. 

Mother Ulla and her four kids :) They did well too! :)


I also met Ukko's litter mate, W. Sugarrush "Elmo". So much in common with his brother :)

Mum and I went for a long drive and drove all the way up to Tromsö in Norway. We brought FI CH W. Starbuck "Ukko", FI CH Beaters Babe "Babe" and FI CH Mainly Jasper Willow "Hjalle".

Jens Karlsson judged English springers at the international show in Tromsö. Ukko went best veteran and Babe got an EXC and a 2nd. 

Norfolk terrier Hjalle went Best Of Breed, gained a Norwegian CAC, a CACIB and also became N CH. He only lacks a Swedish CACIB now to become international champion, and of course a Swedish CAC would make him a Nordic champion. 

FI CH Watermark Starbuck

FI & NO CH Mainly Jasper Willow

The best part of our trip according to the Her Rosyness :)


Norfolk terrier Hemming was at the Tuuri all breeds show, an EXC/1st for the boy.

Watermark Dahlia "Dana" VG/2nd at her first show in Mynämäki, judge Jobse Sjoerd. Well done!

Finnish springer spaniel club main speciality, David Shields (UK) judged puppies, juniors and veterans, Angela Mitchell (UK) the rest. 

FI CH Beaters Babe went reserve best bitch!! There was an entry of 62 bitches (don't know how many absentees)!

Photo: Ann-Helene Ståhl

I met W. Dupont "Napsu" for the first time since he moved as a puppy. What a brilliant young man. Steady and happy. he might just have remembered his granny, at least I hope so. :) At his first show he showed perfectly well in every way and got a VG in junior class with a brilliant critique. So happy with him, and his owner told me about his first brilliant flush as a 5 month old puppy. :)

W. Darcy "Aatu" was also in junior class and received a VG. I really adore Aatu. His eyes will darken with age and he'll be perfect. A boy with big movements and shown very nicely by his co-owner Ida. :)

Photo: Teemu Rytkönen

My boy Sweetie-pie Soulmate "Finn" has just turned 9 months, so he was also in junior class, along his two super litter mates Laku and Jimppu. Finn received a G which is perfectly fine for a working spaniel, which he mostly is, despite his show bred mother. Finn showed absolutely wonderfully, I enjoy showing him so much despite him not being a show dog at all. He is my wonder man anyway and you can see him wagging his tail to the judge. :)

Photo: Ann-Helene Ståhl

W. Wolverine "Ulla" did absolutely wonderfully. In a very strong working class she went 2nd with an EXC and CQ. She showed perfectly and I am very proud of my big girl. As usual, she made the most out of the ring floor and I couldn't be happier about her critique.